Error in Partitions

Hello Community,

Best Regards to all from Buenos Aires. I have a 3tb My Book external HDD but lately I’m having some issues with it and I’d like to know if you can give me some guidance about it.

Let me explain a little bit the story behind it: When I bought the HDD, I connected it to my LG BD-360 (bluray player) for all my backup anime, movies, series, music (so I can use it with my 7.2 home theater) but it seems the blu-ray player doesn’t recognize partitions above 2tb.

So, I partitioned int 4 units (Anime, Movies, Music, Series) but the player didn’t recognize the information from any partition but the first one, so I partitioned again into 2.

Now, the player is still showing 4 partitions created, although I only have 2 and the information within the 2nd partition is not displayed.

I would assume it’s a problem with the blu-ray player if it weren’t because this last week I bought a Xtreamer Ultra, which is running XBMC and the XBMC is not mounting the second partition.

Now, this morning I deleted by mistake a folder with some anime and I wanted to run the GetDataBack for NTFS and right after it starts to scan the HDD, it pops a I/O error "Unknown error (87)  and it doesn’t continue with the scan.

I’ve ran a full chkdsk  /f with no issues. I’ve installed and check the partitions with EASEUS Partition Master and both checks came out with no faults or errors.

I really don’t mind the data lost, I can get it back but I’m really concerned about a possible faulty disk.

I hope somebody can shed a light on this.

Thanks in advance

Best Regards to all


You might find faster help posting in the TV section. I think the player may only recognize the first partition. To test the drive go to WD and find your drive and find DLG in downloads and run that and see if there are any errors.


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