Error: "File System Check Exit Code 8."?

I’ve bought a 3 tb Western Digital My Book Studio external drive in May.  I used it to backup a Late 2011 Macbook Pro 15".   I’ve got a 2 tb partition that I use for Time Machine, and a 1 tb partition that holds old photos/music files.

Last night, I started getting errors on time machine backups. I tried ejecting the disc, and got an error that it could not unmount. I tried to run disc verify and disc repair, and got similar errors – that the disc could not unmount.

I turned everything off. This morning I plugged it in and ran disc verify – I got an error code that the disc needs to be repaired. I think there was a message that something needed updating – but I didn’t write that down.  When I ran disc repair got an error code that the disc couldn’t be repaired, and, in red, “File System Check Exit Code 8.”

I’ve done some searches, and I haven’t found information on this error code.  Anyone know what it is?  Is the problem with the drive?  Could it be a software issue – I upgraded to Yosemite a few weeks ago.

Most importantly, is there any way to fix it?  Kind of **bleep** that my back-up drive is the one that fails.

Welcome to the Community Moosbrugger. Have you tried connecting the drive to another Mac to verify if the problem continues? You can also try using another cable to connect the drive, if the problem continues that My Book would appear to be faulty and needs to be replaced. 

I tried the drive with a different Mac, and it still wont work.

I submitted a warranty ticket with WD yesterday, and have not heard back.

Since the drive is less than a year old?  Will WD replace it? 

Last night I reformatted the Time Machine partition that was causing the trouble.  I was able to run a successful Time Machine backup – so everything seems ok now.

One thing I noticed when I reformatted was that the partition was formatted as Mac OS Extended, not Mac OS Extended (Journaled).  I’m not sure if this was always the case or if somehow the formatting changed.  I reformatted it as (Journaled).

The question now is whether I should still replace the drive, or whether this type of issue is software related, not a default in the drive.