Error box pop up when trying to save port forward settings; what does it mean?

All right, so when I try to port forward anything, this error box pop up when I click the save button, and it doesnt save. My portforwarding informations are correct. Anyone knows what it means?

The box simply says ‘no xml data.’

Hello, have you verified if the problem happens with another browser? You can also try pressing the reset button on the My Net. 

All right, I tryed Firefox and Explorer, I got the same error message. I restarted my router and it also didnt fix my problem. Should I try to do a factory reset?

Thank you in advance.

Hi again, yes, you can try a doing a factory reset. If the problem continues, I recommend you to contact tech support directly by email or phone.

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I found the problem, there was a program running (Hamachi) using many ports, upon closing it, I could port forward normally. It was using a giant list of ports, I guess the interface couldnt handle it.