Error 36102 while creating safepoint

Has anyone received this error message while creating safepoint? What should I do?

And yes -  I looked up all other posts relating to this. I don’t think any of those helped since it’s been a long time since anyone has asked. 2013, if I remember it correctly.

Correct me if I am wrong… I believe creating a safepoint is different from creating back up files. I think creating a safepoint is saving all the MBL information (passwords, users, settings, etc), not the files contained in it. Am I correct?


Actually, a snapshot of your My Book live at any specific time. A Safepoint is a collection of all the data on your drive, including users, shares and all the backups such as WD Smartware, Apple time machine and windows backups, including the device configuration details.

To what device are you performing the safepoint?

See if the following link helps.–your-safepoint-could-not-be-created-due-to-a-failed-request…

I gave up trying to get SafePoint to work properly (to a USB disk in my case) and instead created 4 folders on the USB disk representing the 4 shares on the MBL then copied the contents of each share to the appropriate folder - a manual copy (overnight).

I was trying to solve 2 problems - (1) the MBL would not upgrade to 2xxx… firmware and (2) it was failing both the short and long MBL tests - and so I had lost confidence in the disk. I then factory-reset the MBL and next will try to get it to upgrade itself to the latest firmware.

If that works (or even if the firmare upgrade doesn’t work) I’ll then re-create the shares as before and then copy the contents of each back from the USB drive. Very manual, very clunky.

But at least I’m reasonably confident that it’ll probably work.