Error 0x80070035 NAS WdMyCloudEX2Ultra - Win 10

Good morning all,
I have a problem on my new NAS, a WDmycloudex2ultra, I see it on the network but cannot access it (error 0x80070035) I have applied all the steps to resolve the problem but it does not work. (Windows 10I have another NAS on my network a WdMycloudEX4100 and no problem with this one. Can you help me?

Do you have OS3 or OS5? There are sub-forums for both.

oh sorry i have os5

  • Check TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper service.
  • Enable NetBIOS.
  • Disable third-party firewall.

Thanks Neil
I try it

Hi, did you manage to fix the problem?

Yes it’s fixed !