Erased drive now it will not allow accsess

I have had 1TB drive for more than a year and been happy with it I changed computer took all I wanted from my backup then erased it.

Now after an update which includes some dropbox thing I cannot acces the drive to make a backup I do not want an online back up and dont often have internet unless I’m at a truck stop, I brought the thing so that if I screw up whilst on line I dont lose everything.

I want my backup to be seperate from the effects of the internet I can keep my own files safe I do not want an online backup ant thus see no point in paying for a DROPBOX I purchaced this hard drive in good faith as a stand alone backup. how can I get rid of the Dropbox thing and use my drive for the purpose I intended for it…

Anyone ??


You don’t need to use the Dropbox option in order to backup using this drive.

If the WD Smartware is not recognizing your drive as a destination for the backup, then you need to make sure the drive is seen on computer.

 I recommend that you uninstall WD Smartware and reinstall it again.

I did the same thing,  i wanted to clean off my book Essential passport TB1 back up drive  and now it won’t work at all. The light comes on but the computer and the WD program are  not reading it. I have replaced the driver, I have gone to  disk managment and that didn’t recognize it.  I know its not the  computer as I have another back up drive and I did not clean if off and plugged it in to my computer and it worked fine and backed up data.   I did go from an xp to a windows 8 environment system and a new computer.  Like the user above this I wanted to use the drive for my new computer and nwe back ups.  I also don’t want to use the cloud but that is all that the wd software presents.  

So if I have done the suggested items,  what next?   when you erase the wd drive how do you get it to work again? 

I too love my drives,  I have two back ups and four external drives.