Enough is enough

After one month of efforts I realised that I’ve not bought this unit to spend time to understand it, to get annoyed, to play with firmwares and to spend other peoples time with my questions. I’m not going to be a beta-tester on my own time and nerves.

WD builds great and solid hard-drives but their software (or whoever the contractors are) is not even a tenth as good as their hardware. Anybody who checks this forum sees the amount of proven bugs and issues of the software. It is un-tested, un-stable and even the interface could be much much better. The firmware updates are too rare for my patience and after so much time from the product launch it is unacceptable to still be in a sort of testing phase and people screeming for updates.

I sold my WD Hub.

I’ll go to something else, hopefully more stable and predictible, I’ve already short-listed one or two brands.

Thank you guys for your time replying to my questions. There are remarkable ideas and bug-fixes,  solid knowledge and serious users on this forum. I hope somebody will listen…


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I’m sorry that you feel this way, because no matter what you buy, you’ll still end up with bugs that needs to be taken care of through updates.

Just look at the Boxee Box, it was released close to the hub, but boy it’s got a lot of bugs and problems they’re still trying to solve (a friend of mine has Boxee Box and asks me once in a while if I’m willing to swap)

I agree that it shouldn’t be this way, we shouldn’t be beta-testers, but who is that demands more and more, faster and faster, cheaper and cheaper? :wink:

useful topic, kudos to you !

Makes sense what you ae saying. I recently got the hub and also are spending hours to make thinks work properly.

I decided that i only bought the hub only for watching movies hd in an easy way but i am a UI freak to.

Playing movies is not the issue here it is only the interface that i struggle with.

Waiting for a update to fix a few problems. For now. Just gonna watch movies

Not sure what all the whining is about. Other than the front panel switch issue, my Hub works fine. I have about 50 movies on the internal drive and another 100 on a 3tb drive I have hooked to my computer. All stream fine and I watch a lot of Netflix movies on it as well. I could complain it doesn’t make me breakfast in the morning, but that might be pushing it.

Hey, I can understand…

The Hub is a complex bit of kit.   It’s good out of the box, but it does have a few eccentricities.

If one isn’t willing to work past them, it’s going to be a bumby ride.

Farewell, Kerosen.   I would recommend you explore alternatives that aren’t as feature-rich as the Hub, as, after reviewing your posting history, it seems like the Hub may have been just “Too Much” for your needs.

If the product doesn’t do what you need and you are affected by one of the numerous bugs, it’s hardly whining to complain about it. If customers are abandoning the product, WD probably do want to know about it.

The truth is that WD frequently prioritise easy fixes or new features rather than squashing existing bugs. The Live still suffers from issues present from release and the same pattern applies to the Hub.

The Hub does most of what I need and I’m happy enough, but I can list a number of issues (bugs and missing features, some of which will never be resolved) that take the shine off the experience.

What I wish someone would do is make a simple list of the problems they’ve had.  This would be the perfect place/ topic and would make it a lot easier than “dreging” through all the others.

Well, that’s what pretty much every post is. :slight_smile:

Your right TonyPH12345.   And, every unit out there has issues.  Go to any forum and you can read for hours.  I really think this is a case of Sigma designs and faulty or inconsistent firmware.   AC Ryan, Popcorn Hour…it’s all the same.  It will be interesting to see if the new platforms based on the Intel Atom processors (and new Windows based interface) solve this quagmire.


Intel is what’s used in the Boxee boxes… But not Windows based. Boxee has numerous issues, too. I think they’re using the CE4100 processor, which is Atom.