Encrypted WD Drive Move from Physical server to virtual server

Can someone please tell me if, when an external drive is attached to a server, and then encrypted, does the encryption make a connection between the original server and the drive that is encrypted and attached to it?

We are in the process of migrating from a physical server to a vm, and we have renamed the old server. While trying to access the data on the external encrypted physical drive, after it has been renamed, we are unable to access the database on there.

As a result, I am thinking that the encryption of the external drive, when connected to a physical server, there is some sort of relationship link between the two, which we may have severed when we renamed that server and changed its IP address.

Can someone please help in answering the question and, if possible, providing advice on how to access the data on the external encrypted drive. BTW, the drive appears to “unlock”, but the data is not accessible.

Thank you.


Encryption on WD My Passport units is handled internally via hardware. It does not create (Or need) a link with the original host system.

How was the backup created or handled?

Thank you fr your reply. Do you have any other suggestions as to why, when we unlock the drive, we can see the files on the drive, but we are unable to move the SQL databases off the drive?

The databases were created there by the native SQL processes.