Encrypted excel file blank

I have recently got a My Book World Edition network drive and i am having some problems opening encrypted excel files on my iPad2 & iPhone4. I have got the WD 2go Apps (even paying for the Pro) but when i try to open a encrypted file, i just get a blank page. Non encrypted files are fine!

Let me apologise if this question has been answered before but i am new to the forum and i have attempted to search for this without success.

For info i am Vista 64 + Office 2010 Pro  I have office

Can anyone help me?

Thanks Chr15h

As far as I know this is a problem with the encryption. The iPad viewer does not support encrypted files. I’ll research a bit more to see if there’s some workaround besides using decrypted files.

I can open excel files that are encrypted when not using WD so just WD issue I think. Any solution assistance would be great! Thanks Chris

What app are you using to open those files? You can try converting the files to Numbers but I don’t think you will be able to keep the encryption. I regularly use dropbox to open excel files but mines are not encrypted.

I am using Office2 HD which works well. Thanks again Chris