Enclosure for WD_BLACK 3.5-Inch Gaming Hard Drive/Performance 1 TB- To use as an External Drive


I have a new, spare mechanical WD_BLACK 3.5-Inch Gaming Hard Drive/Performance 1 TB (WD1003FZEX). I am thinking of purchasing an enclosure with an USB connector and it’s own power supply. Then I want to use it as an external hard drive to make backups.

If anyone has done this with this model of hard drive and could possibly advise me on a good external enclosure with it’s own power source (not just USB 3 cable), I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance.

Any 3.5" Inch HDD will work with a 3rd Party USB Enclosure.

The only thing you have to watch out for is what capacity the enclosure supports.

You will have no problems with a 1TB Drive.

But, i have a 4TB drive … which i needed to check the specifications of enclosures to see if they support it. And bought one with no problems.

What enclosure would i recommend ? … that depends on your budget

ORICO and Simplecom make cheap affordable ones for around $30

I own both, they work fine … only complaint is the case is made of plastic, so heat can be an issue with prolonged use. But, for simple backups and power off when not in use, they work fine.

Other brands you can pay up to $100 or more

Cases are usually aluminum for the more expensive ones.

Thank you so much. If it is allowed here to post, could you please post me a link to Amazon for ORICO and Simplecom since they have different models of enclosures. Thank you very much. It is very kind of you in helping me.

My ORICO and Simplecom enclosures are old models purchased several years ago which you wont find on Amazon.

Any brand 3.5" SATA USB Enclosure will do want you want … you don’t have to worry about size compatibility because virtually all enclosures will support at least 2TB, it’s only when you have a larger than 2TB HDD that you have you make sure what you’re buying.

Just search for one that’s within your budget and read the customers reviews on Amazon to help you make a decision.

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Thank you very much. I do appreciate your help and advise.