Enclosure fail? Suddenly "Both disks missing" + weird cyclic noise - Mac

Hey all.

I had my Studio II drive unplugged for a couple weeks while I was away on vacation. I have a 2x 2TB in RAID 1 connected to a Mac Mini w FW800 (media drive). When I returned and hooked up everything, the drive wouldn’t mount and made a weird repeating high pitched whirring noise.

The indicators were flashing top and bottom, but after I unplugged/plugged back in I got the RAID rebuild indicators which took a few hours to complete. Once that was done it seemed fine (I could access my files), but after another un/pluggining I got the top and bottom blinking lights again.

RAID Manager reports “Both disks missing”, but I’ve tested each disk individually in another enclosure, and both work fine. I’m backing up one of them as I type.

It seems to be a broken/failed enclosure rather than a drive issue. I’ve never had an enclosure fail before. 

Anyone have any suggestions?


Mac Mini + OSX 10.8.4

My Studio II 2x 2TB RAID 1

Latest WD RAID Manager (installed just to troubleshoot today)


If you have a Windows computer, I recommend that you run a diagnostics on the drives using Western Digital’s Data Lifeguard Diagnostics

If they past the tests then it means the Studio enclosure is defective.


I don’t have a windows computer, but I have pinpointed the problem to the power supply. The supply from my second WD Studio drive makes the faulty one work perfectly. As soon as I switch back, I get the issues.

Is there a way I can return and get a replacement?