Email Attachments from remote drive


I can access the drive remotely (WIN7) but cannot add attachments from the drive to an email - Outlook is giving me a permission error. This happens when I drag and drop an attachment to my mail.

What I have to do to overcome this is drag the file to my pc and then attach it from there…

Any suggestions please ?

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Actually dragging the files to your PC first is the recommended procedure. This is because Microsoft Office does not properly interact with the WebDAV protocol for remote connections, which leads to permission issues.

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Thanks for the reply…much appreciated.

So I would assume the opening of Excel & Word docs from a mapped drive (remote access) would relate also to a security issue? I can only open an Excel file from within the app, not from the mapped drive, as it keeps asking for a username and password…

Locally (Within your own network), you should be able to directly open Word and Excel files from a mapped share.

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Ok, so basically working externally the drive has limited functions compared to if I was working within the network…?

It behaves differently because local and remote connections do not use the same protocols for access and drive behavior.