Elements European and US versions are the same? Same AC plug?


I just moved from Sweden to the US, and was trying to find any info as to whether or not my Elements 3TB and 2TB will work with the same power cord (with just a simple adapter for the actual socket). I can’t seem to find any info about whether voltage requirements or potential difference between European and US versions which is sometimes the case with computer equipment. Anyone who knows? I really don’t wanna do a trial and error… 


I posted in a different area with a link here for more help.


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The power supply labeling should indicate whether it will work in the US or not.

US power is ~115V at 60Hz.

Sweden uses ~230V at 50Hz.

As long as the power supply says something like 100V-220V / 50-60Hz, it will work fine; you’ll just need a passive plug adapter.

If it does not, you’ll need to show for a new power converter.

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The power adapter says 100-240V 50/60Hz input and 12v 1.5amp output. From what I’ve read it should work fine - just worried about plugging it in, since it’s got 15 years of collected data, and unfortunately I brought the wrong internal hard drive so this is all I have. What would happen if it doesn’t work? A little worried about damaging it.


I agree with Tony.  The drive will work – it is made to work both locations, so that’s why the wide voltage and Hz range.

If the PS said only 220v or so and 50Hz ONLY, then it would not work here, and that is not the case.  You likely need some sort of adapter so it fits in a US wall socket, though.

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To be on the safe side I bought a new PS from Western Digital, cause I didn’t wanna risk damaging he drive in any way - my passive adapter said 15A for the US socket, and I was not sure what that was. Call me overly careful. :slight_smile: Anyway, the drive is clearly made to work on both markets. Thanks guys.

  my passive adapter said 15A for the US socket

All this means is that adapter is rated at least to accept 15 Amps going through it, so meaning you could even use it as an adapter for an electricty-■■■■■■ like a small air conditioner that draws lots of electric current, but not MORE than 15Amps.  Standard US sockets, extension cords, etc, are basically all rated at 15Amps. You really were fine with what you had.  You might want to take a mini-course about basic electricity at wikipedia or elsewhere so you understand electricity a bit better and are a little less unsure about it.  Not picking on you; just being helpful.  Many people do not understand electricity in the slightest way.