Elements can’t be updated with most recent firmware

My 1 TB Elements Drive can’t be repaired by macOS ( Sierra) well enough that the universal firmware updater can recognize it, and install the latest firmware.

Yes, the light blinks… And the drive spins… And I get the External hard drive icon on my desktop, but I can’t use the drive …

I’ve read almost every topic on this, have used terminal commands, etc. and I still can’t figure it out.

Hi Powerjoe,

The WD Elements Portable drive ships with an NTFS file system for Windows PC’s; macOS computers can mount NTFS formatted drives, but it will be Read Only. It’s best your WD Elements drive to be re-formatted in HFS+J file to be compatible with Time Machine or exFAT to be read/write ready on both Windows and macOS.

You can refer below article for more information about it.