Elements 8tb Drive now not recognized after cat unplugs the drive

I purchased an Elements 8tb drive and moved much of my backup data to it. While using it my cat kicked the power cord and unplugged the drive. After that the drive stopped being recognized in my 3.0 usb port, but it still worked in my other (2.0) ports. 1 by 1 they all went the same direction. Now it isnt working at all. The odd part was i installed a windows update and then it started working again for a few days. Now it isnt again. I had another Windows update, which gave me hope, but didnt end up fixing the problem like it seemed to last time.

All I’m getting is Error 43 Device Descriptor Request Failed. I’ve looked at other websites and found solutions like rolling back windows updates and uninstalling though Device Manager.

I have an Acer Nitro 5, running stock Win 10. I’ve looked through the internet to try and find the driver but all I could find was just the WD Utility which hasnt helped and the rest of the website doesnt have any downloads.

Any help would be much appreciated as this drive is very important to me and dont know what else to do.

Hello DarthNixilis,

You should refer the link provided below for the information to troubleshoot this issue.