Elements 2tb blinking light and failure to recognize

I have the blinking white light and the unrecognizable disk and from the looks of the thousands of views and posts on the subject that’s it for me, my disk and my relationship with WD if they ever thought there was one. Disk was 3 months old, was doing back ups and data transfers and have lost large amounts of family pics, tax data and irreplaceable stuff and so on. Cheap cheap cheap. Will never do this dance with WD again. This one was made in Thailand just like those “real Ray bans” I would put in an emoticon but there isnt one with enough rage and angst

You were not doing backups to begin with. A backup means having the data on at least 2 completely different and separate places in case one is to fail; the drive can die a million times straight in 20 minutes and you don’t get to lose a single picture when you have a backup.

That misconception that moving the data off your computer to the drive is a “backup” is what gets angry people, not the dead drive.

For next time, no matter if the drive is a Seagte, WD, Hitachi, Maxtor, LaCie, iOmega, Phantom or whatever brand, NEVER trust your “important” data to a single device as it can fail 20 seconds later with no advice. If your data is important then you should make sure it’s safe, and a “brand” is not going to make it safe, precaution will.