Eject usb not working

When i click Eject, then click usb 1(my hard drive) then the check mark(ok). The looping circle won’t stop looping and my hard drive still functioning and i can’t do anything but to pull the plug. Hub not responding when i click home or power button. May i know what is the problem and how can i solve it? Everytime when it happens, i always pulled the plug then remove my hard drive i know it’s not safe Please advice/help Thanks.

It will do that if there is anything still accessing the contents of the drive.   

That could be a NETWORK client or whatever.

It will also do it if the “renderer” hangs up on a media file that was opened in the browser.

Can i remove my wireless usb wifi adapter anytime with the hub on(is it safe? don’t you think my wifi adapter will broke if i do that?)? I think this is causing me to not ejecting my hard drive properly. but it’s weird i haven’t use the services and I think only accuweather is active when my wifi is connected(it shows temperature).

When media compiling library takes too long, i also can’t eject my hard drive properly. It will also take a looping circle and it would take forever and i can’t do anything to shut down my hub or go back to home so i just pull the plug and hope my hard disk won’t get corrupted. Any solutions to this? Thank you.