Einrichtung Plex


gibt es irrgendwo eine Anleitung, die genau erklärt wie man Plex einrichtet?

Plex is not currently officially supported on the single drive My Cloud units.

If one does a forum search (via the magnifier glass icon) for Plex they’ll see this question gets asked from time to time. Don’t know if anyone has successfully found a way yet to get Plex to run on the single bay My Cloud units.

If one needs Plex support the more expensive My Cloud Mirror, EX2, EX4, etc. units support “add in” app modules including Plex. Currently the newer generation of My Cloud units that use v2.x firmware apparently have a similar app section but Plex is not listed in that section apparently.

Yes, we can run Plex on fw v03.x and v2.x but w/o transcoding (there isn’t enough processor power).
Usable only as DLNA server. (But we already have Twonky and Minidlna)

Missed the following post that discussed running Plex under v3.x. But it should be noted that it does require a bit of work to get Plex installed and would probably violate the My Cloud warrantee to do so since your apparently installing a clean OS to the drive rather than using the WD firmware.


Without transcoding one looses a major feature of Plex which is why it may just be easier/less hassle to go with an Android box (like Amazon’s Fire TV or Fire Stick) and load Kodi to it. Then one can use that Android box to stream content from the My Cloud using an TV interface similar to Plex.

Forgot about the ability to potentially instal Plex to v2.x version My Cloud’s that was discussed in the following thread.