Editing film information

When my collection has been ‘scraped’ and each film shows with director, actor, synopsis, etc, can I edit this?  In other words, can I (for example) edit the synopsis if I think it’s badly worded, or add/remove one of the actor’s names, or alter the genre?

Also, can I search by genre?  For example, can I search ‘film noir’ and bring up all the films noir on my HDD?


Steve W

Yes.   You can edit the XML file that was created when the scraping was done.

You can FILTER by Genre by using the GREEN BUTTON.

Many thanks for that.

Is it easy?  As easy as editing a word document?

Oh, and in the same way that you can list 2 or 3 actors can you list 2 or 3 genres?

So, for example, could I tag East is East as both ‘Comedy’ and ‘Comedy-Drama’? 

And finally, where can this XML file be found?  Will it be placed in the folder where the film lives, or elsewhere?  If elsewhere is it easy to find.

Cheers.  Sorry for the multitude of questions.

Steve W