Editing Alaska Re Theme

I am looking to get some help in editing the Alaska Resurface theme. It is my favorite of them all but I am having one issue changing one feature.

In the theme, for the wall view, there are 12 thumbnails. If you scroll past the first 6, it goes to the bottom row. I want to make it so if I reach the end of the page, and push the right arrow, it goes to the next page of 12 thumbnails, not the bottom row.

Any help would be appreciated.

http://img51.imageshack.us/img51/9179/arviews.jpg  Reference Image, 3rd image down on the right.

rv_video_browse_page.xml is the xml you want to edit

current numbering sequence in the code looks like this:

in order to edit I find it easier to break the code up. anywhere you see “/><” press enter between ><

this makes the coding easier to understand rather than being all jumbled together [I use Notepad++]

As for how you would edit it to do the function you are requesting, I have no idea. But hopefully this info will atleast get you pointed in the right direction [in case you didnt know already].

Good luck

From this:

<listbox valkey=“browselist” autoenter=“1” autoswitch=“0” move=“row” cols=“6” rows=“2” lbmask=“HT”  loop_scroll=“1” turbo_trigger=“12” turbo_multi=“12”  />

To this:

<listbox valkey=“browselist” autoenter=“1” autoswitch=“0” move=“page” cols=“6” rows=“2” lbmask=“u”  loop_scroll=“1” turbo_trigger=“12” turbo_multi=“12” hormove=“1” />

Remember it takes longer to redraw  " 12"  Thumbnails per page than it does to redraw  " 6"  per row using Up and Down Navigation.

thank you. exactly what i wanted. I use a local drive connected so it caches the thumbnails so it loads the next page pretty fast. love the theme

I had a question too, i hope its okay when i post it here…

you all know the screen, when you press “option” then “show infos” or “metadata” for the film or serie…

i want this metadata form the “marked file” on the “wall view” i changed the row to “4” now there is space enough…

i must edit the “rv_video_browse_page.xml” i think or?

what code is required for this ?

<text text="@@info"x="475"y="420"w="720"h="245"fontsize="18"textcolor="0x000000"align="right"numlines="12"start_line="@@start_line-info"disable_tail_dots="1"/>