Edgerover download...do not.

Unless you have a processor with 8 core speeds don’t even think of downloading this free Beta version of edgerover. What WD ( who I’ve always admired and bought many external drives from) were thinking of releasing this to their customer database is crazy.
It took me 20 hours to load up my drives to edgerover. I could see how much processor it consumed. My iMac would struggle to load anything during the process and then, when using edgerover, same again. Everything slows to stop. I gave up. And the benefits of having Edgerover were difficult to see. Slow and pointless.
So…I Deleted the download then everything returned to a beautiful normal.
It’s Best avoided…I just update a simple spreadsheet to keep tabs on details stored on each drive. Simple and effective. And use Apples standard storage review to see your large files, then delete files you don’t need or store them externally.



Please refer to the following KBA article: http://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/30294/