Eco-green drives

I have been researching hard disks for some time now since I experienced two failures. One WDC and the other Seagate so its not vendor specific.

Both disks had logic board problems.

Now more recently I have begin to see more problems with the eco-green seriers of lower cost high capacity disks that seem to be flooding the market.

At present I do not have any such disk, but I was considering one for my web server as general storage, not as the primary.

For my chess site, I was considering a 2 TB disk to offer downloads. Databases called tablebases are used with chess programs to provide lookup tables for end game positions.

The problem is I need to have a disk that could potentially see more than 5 years of service seeding the tablebase torrents.

Then don’t go for GP drives, they’ll be stressed by the end of the day, try the server/enterprise drives here