Easystore with Windows 11

I have an existing Easystore backup drive that I bought in early 2020 that I was using with a Win10 computer. I now have a new Windows 11 computer, which I am trying to transfer it to. Apparently, WD Backup has been discontinued. I understand that Acronis is still available, but on the download page, it does not confirm that it is compatible with Windows 11. Is it compatible? If not, what are my options?

Hi @Mike71,

Please be informed that Acronis software is compatible with Windows 11.

Please refer to the link to download the software:

Hi Keerti,

According to Acronis, True Image 2021 and earlier versions “are not going to have official support of Windows 11, even though we have not heard of any significant compatibility issue. You may use Acronis True Image of any version on Windows 11 at your own risk.” Here is the link: Windows 11 support in Acronis products | Knowledge Base. So if I install it, there will be no patches, bug fixes, etc. This is not exactly reassuring.


For more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Just heard from WD Technical Support: “Please be informed that we are still in process for releasing WD Acronis for Windows 11. Moreover, I would recommend you to configure backup using File History.” This makes sense. I’ll use the Windows 11 file history until the official Acronis is released. Thanks.

If you have the right chip, you almost certainly have UEFI instead of BIOS, required for Windows 11. However, the Secure Boot protocol may be disabled in the subsystem. Open System Information in Windows 11 and look for the “Secure Boot Status” line to check if it is active. If this option is disabled, you need to enable it through UEFI. I had this situation too. I got my operating system here https://mysoftwarekeys.com. And the Windows 11 also needed to be activated. To save the settings, press Apply and then Exit. After this setting, the system will reboot again. After logging into Windows 11, you can check the Secure Boot activity in the “System Information” - “Secure Boot State” should be “On.”