EasyStore 10TB failure

1st choice is to bring drive back into full function … I know … FAT CHANCE
2nd choice is to recover any data from this drive … I know … probably as likely as 1st choice.

A few days ago, had about 6 power failures in 15 minutes to the house. I was not home at the time but neighbors told me about it. Since then, my EasyStore is somewhat whacked. I can attach it (USB) to a W10 laptop and get a confirmation beep it is recognized. W10 Explorer does not see it. Latest version of WD Drive Utilities Quick Drive Test runs fast up to 90% and stops. Image one below.

AOMEI Partition Assistant (free) shows entire drive NOT allocated (second image below)

THEIR quick check for bad sectors runs fast and clean.

Their long check fails miserably. Run time is about 115 hours. After about 3 minutes, starts displaying bad sectors like corn popping. Start sector is 5243320 and I stop it at 5243383. ALSO … the partition screen shows 9.1TB but the check for bad sectors 2.8GB to be checked.
Third image below (presented in a REPLY):

“Unallocated” would suggest that AOMEI cannot read the partition metadata in sectors 0, 1 and 2.

If CrystalDiskInfo cannot retrieve a SMART report, then this would point to a serious internal fault.


First, thank you for the prompt reply. I obtained, installed and ran Crystal, selected the problem drive, and here is a screen shot of the results. I take it that the drive is now a door stop(?). Your agreement or further comment is appreciated.

The drive has 0x902 (= 2306) reallocated sectors and even more sectors pending reallocation (0x6458 = 25688). I would take it out of service.

Thank you for all the help and advice.