Easy Store blocks pc wake up

I left easy store connected to my pc running W-10 and put the pc to sleep.
I noticed the light on easy store kept blinking at an even pace.
When trying to wake up pc with keyboard or mouse it would not wake up.
I had to force a shutdown with the pc power button, unplug the easy store, power up, and restart to bring the pc back to normal.
Does Easy Store not sleep?
Is it confusing the pc as to which HD the system is on by being plugged in when the pc tries to wake up?
Does Easy Store have to be Safely Removed each time before the pc is put to sleep?

Hi Rek,

Make sure, all the backup or copy processes running in the computer background should be stopped at the time you put the pc to sleep.

Thanks for your reply.
I understand what you are saying but that is not my concern. I have used a desktop type 4 GIG WD backup disk
for years.
My question concerns the WD Easystore 4 GIG portable that I recently purchased I have not installed the backup
software yet. I copied the data from my desktop backup onto the new portable because my old desktop computer
blew up. Thank God for backup.
My intention was to use the new portable Easystore in the future as an automatic backup on the new computer and as an easy medium to transfer data to/from the other computers that I have in service.

The problem arises when I leave the Easystore drive plugged into a SSport and put the computer to sleep.
The Easystore does not go to sleep so when I try to awaken the computer it will not awaken with the Easystore plugged in.
If I do a “Safe to unplug” using Windows and leave the Easystore plugged in then the computer will sleep and wake up as normal… but the computer does not find the Easystore unless I unplug it and plug it back in again.
So the problem is the easystore would not function automatically with the software installed/or not unless the computer is never put to sleep, restarted, or shutdown with the easystore plugged in.