EASY "fixit" for wd live plus via HDMI *no signal* problem

OK, I’m sure this wont work for everyone BUT heres my details:

(U.S.A.) 47" Sanyo TV 1080p bought in 2010

WD Live Plus bought in 2012

Firmware update: 1.06.16_B

HDMI used from the begining and never anyhing else–just HDMI

TV will say “no signal” bouncing around the screen when I select the correct input via TV

At first I just disconnected power cable on back of WD box and plugged back in everytime I wanted to use it and I had success BUT…that got annoying


1.** turn off your WD live plus box when your done watching TV–EVERYTIME**

2. when turing on your TV, go to your selected input to access your WD live plus box (HDMI 1, 2, 3…)

3. hit power button on remote and wait a few seconds after power light comes on

  1.  hit the **home button 2 TIMES consecutively**

—you may have to do step 4. more than once, sometimes it wont work until after you get a “no signal” icon on your TV, keep hitting the home button in two’s. it works EVERYTIME on my setup

**This is using my WD live plus remote

**This is using my comcast remote  to control TV and cable since I have comcast for internet and super basic channels 2-29 only

**This seems ridiculous but I have tested it. one push on home button doesn’t work. two solid consecutive pushes does.

Thanks for sharing this, hopefully it may be helpful to someone else with a similar setup.

I’ve also noted if you try to power up the WD live plus with no HDMI to connect to (in my case my AVR receiver is on another input), then when you switch to the WD, you won’t get any audio.

So ensuring you’re on a HDMI input that is connected to the WD BEFORE turning on the WD is the key.

Not 1/2 as annoying once you know it.  :slight_smile:

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I finally found a simple answer to my “WD no signal issue”

After reading countless threads posts etc etc, your one did it for me “Wires”. Just turn the TV off after using WD whilst staying on the selected HDMI input , DO NOT SWITCH TO NORMAL TV CHANNELS THEN SWITCH OFF !!!

I would always catch up with the latest stuff, news etc on TV after watching a WD movie then power off the TV. Next day I switch TV back on ( which is still in TV mode ) and go to WD HDMI input and see “No Signal”.

All working fine now.

Many thanks mate. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: