E-mail alert notification setup failure

Greetings. From the Dashboard of my DX4000, when I click on the “set up email notification” option, which is already checked and has been used successfully in the past, I get a dialog box that displays briefly without any settings, then a dialog box that says “Cannot open email notification settings for alerts”, as I’ve pasted below.  Has anyone seen this before ? Is there a particular service on the box that hasn’t started ? Ideas ?  Thanks much.


Solved.  The “Windows Server Health” service was stopped.  Started … and fixed.

Wonder why it was not started?  Did you reboot and go straight there and oerhaps it had not started yet?

Hasn’t been rebooted in a while.  The only thing I did recently was add an external USB drive.  When I started that service, I also got notification that the external drive was added.  Now I know to keep an eye on the Server Health service :slight_smile: