Dying 500GB My Passport


I have this 500GB My Passport which I used for my PS3 that died on me suddenly last week, I was trying to copy some games over to the drive and after a while the transfer rate dropped drastically until it wont progress even a tiny bit, so I plugged it off. I tried plugging it in again but my laptop (running windows 7 x64) asked for format, when i tried to it failed, using minitool partition wizard and another laptop running windows 8.1 x32 gave me the same result. Now whenever i plug it in (both on laptops and PS3) the light flashes and the disk spins but nothing shows up. I did the surface test on minitool and it game me 100% blocks error (everything’s red). (this is due to the drive being unplugged and replugged which minitool still recognize as unplugged, i checked it).
Edit: another thing that i noticed is windows wont actually show the “format drive first” message until i unplug the drive. On windows disk management, the “computer management” window is not responding unless I unplug the drive.

So, what do i do now?

If i turn it in for warranty replacement, will i be charged some extra fees? (I checked the warranty on wdsupport web and thankfully it’s still in limited warranty until 7/26/2016).

So today i tried the instructions from the pinned post in this forum, my drive is showing in the windows device manager alright, but this is so strange, whenever i tried to process the drive on HDD Regenerator 2011, the window keep on saying "PLEASE WAIT!, until unplug the drive, it will immediatly shows some options which when i choose pre scan it will shows drive is not ready message (even i unplug and replug the drive immediately then wait a few minutes for the drive to be ready). I am getting crazy.

Hi there, try to use a different USB cable on the unit, i recommend contacting support for further assistance as well this is not normal:


Thanks for the reply! I should’ve mentioned that i did try another cables, i’ll just turn it in for warranty check next week, all i ask now is, will i possibly get charged an extra fee? Is there a possibility that my claim got rejected? (it said limited warranty right?) I bought it from an authorized distributor in Indonesia, this is my very first time claiming warranty for a hdd so i wonder.