DX4200 - 8TB - How to setup Raid


I have the DX4200 8TB version with storage server 2012. I had to configure and extend the volumes in windows disk management. I now have just under 8TB showing as available storage space.

My question is, am I now protected by RAID? i.e. if 1 hard drive fails will I lose my data? or do I need to specifically confiure raid options somewhere in disk options?

The DX 4200 did not come with Server 2012?

If you have four physical 2tb drives and they show as one volume ~8tb, you do not have raid.

If it shows 4 individual drives you can configure storage spaces in windows and it will provide parity/redundancy

The Sentinel DX4200 I have came with StorageServer 2012 R2 according to the product key label on the bottom of the DX4200. It was purchased in 2016 I believe.

Dat’ sounds right. 2012 R2 not 2012