DX4100 Recovery

I have a DX4100 that restarted itself after an update and now has been loading the operating system for two days. I have a recovery DVD and the thumb drive I created when this NAS was alive and well. My question is how long should I wait before I do a hard shutdown, insert the thumb drive and attempt a recovery? I have files on this NAS that cannot be replaced and I am a bit sick right now.

Have you tried to ping it or access it with other methods? The LCD just may be hung. If you cannot ping it and it does not show in your dhcp leases I don’t think you have much choice other than power off and try power on again

Cannot ping. Going to use Angry Ip to review my LAN to see if it mysteriously changed to another IP. I have powered it off and back on and let it sit for two days before I made the first post. Looks like I am about to declare defeat. Hope I can salvage the data.

Ok, Now what do you do. The NAS is on the LAN but I cannot detect an IP while it sits for days and says Loading Operating System. I have a blu ray recovery disk and a thumb drive, but if I cannot detect the NAS on my LAN it looks like I have a boat anchor on my hands.

Gramps what do you suggest? blow it in place or target practice?

well if it is not booting it would not get an ip. I was simply hoping it had booted but the lcd service did not start. I would make the thumb drive and do a recovery keeping data.

I suppose beforehand you may want to see what data is there. If it was a mirror you should just be able to slave one drive in a pc. If it was raid 5 you will need software. google raid recovery

Thanks Gramps. Actually, I am a double redundant type of person. I had a 5 TB Seagate drive hooked to the NAS and backup software running on the NAS to dump critical files on the Seagate the instant a change occurred. So, I have reviewed the backup of the backup and its all there. I have made a recovery thumb drive and the NAS is in the process of resetting to factory default settings and to keep data. We shall see what things look like after this completes and I can actually look. Makes a good case for backing up backups.