DX4000 - unable to access remotely / slow remote connection

My client has a DX4000 and it has been noticed recently that it either takes a long time to remote in and/or it fails to even make a connection to it.
Different computers / phones / browsers / and internet connections have been used.
I did notice that the “C” server partition has about 1GB of free space. Could this be the problem? If so, how can I change the partitions to make “C” partition bigger? There is plenty of room on “D” where data files are stored.

You cannot resize it for free search for *. Log files. And delete those

Can you please give me details how to search it… I did use the dashboard (?) and that is where I could see the status of the system drive “C” but I was unable to see the file structure.
Do you think that is why the remote access via internet is not always working?

yes, that is prob what is slowing it down. You will need to remote to the server desktop and use windows explorer to search

I’m not sure how to remote to the server without using their (WD) software to access it.

from a windows pc tap the windows key once. Type MSTSC and press enter
computer name is the servername
user is administrator
password is whatever you set it to

Thanks for telling me how to get remote access so that I can see the server Drive. I have been on successful at doing a disk cleanup. It reports / 23 gigs in the “windows update cleanup”. But it has been unsuccessful at removing them automatically. In fact it keeps taking away space on the server.
I’ve looked in the software distribution / download folder to find almost nothing in there.
I did make a modification so I can see hidden folders Pam ■■■■■.
Is there another utility or locations I should be looking for to delete these files?

try this first
open windows explore and search for *.log files
You will prob find a bunch you can delete to get space and then perhaps the cleanup tool can work
don’t just randomly delete log files. You should find a couple of folders perhaps under www that have hundreds of log files. one per day. this is what we are looking for

Gramps… Thanks for all your help, you are the best. I am still working on the problem of low space. I found a few LOG and BAK files that gave me a total of 6.9 GB free space on C. The disk cleanup still shows over 23 gigs for the “windows update cleanup” but it will not delete them (acts like it’s doing something for several hours but nothing). I have rebooted the NAS with no luck of it working better. It has been 2 day’s since I’ve looked at the NAS and the C drive has dropped to 3.85 GB free of 59.9GB. I have been onsite at their location for over 20 hours in the past couple weeks with little to show for it.

  1. Is there anything else you can suggest?
  2. I am still not able to access the NAS remotely via ???.remotewebaccess.com.
    The company that owns this is a non profit with little money and little understanding of the issue.

FYI… I can ping ???.remotewebaccess.com and it will come back with good data.

You need to make sure the ip of the server did not change and the router is forwarding the ports to it. 80, 443, and some other if you have not changed routers you should see them in there