DX4000 incompatible with Denon AVR?

I recently got a WD Sentinel DX4000 (12 TB) and have been slowly but surely been setting it up.

Most functions appear to be working well now - backups, updates, etc, - but I am having problems with streaming media.

The DX4000 is connected via Ethernet to series of devices.  When I first tried it, I could not see any of my shared media on any of the devices, even though I had enabled sharing during setup.   Based on a suggestion I read on this Community, I installed serviio ( www.serviio.org) and set that up to stream my media.  At the moment it is set on the default setting of standard DLNA device.

Now, I can see and play my media on my Sony PS3, which shows that the serviio is probably working well.

But I still cannot play music files from my Denon AVR 4308CI, which is connected by Ethernet.  The Denon lists the Serviio server, and when I click on it I get a choice of folders: Music, Pictures or Playlists.  But that is where it sticks - if I click on the folders it does not progress any further.  I cannot see what is in the folders.  It is as if I am hitting a dead button.  (This is the same symptom that prompted me to install Serviio.)

By contrast, on my Denon AVR I can successfully see all folders and play music from my ailing WHS HP EX487, which I am trying to retire but is still connected,

Is there some kind of incompatiblity between the DX4000 (or WSS 2008 R2) and the Denon Receiver?   Are there settings somewhere that I should change to allow the Denon to “see” the media files from the server?


I know on my DirecTV boxes I currently see 2 entries for the DX4000 (DX4000: Storage Server and DX4000) as installing Serviio does not uninstall the default media player stuff. I have to choose the bare DX4000 in order to see the Serviio delivered items.

Thanks for this.

I also see two entries:  DX4000: storage server and DX4000: serviio.    Both have the same symptom.  I can get a list of three folders (Music, Pictures, and Playlists), but I cannot open or view the contents of any of the folders.

I just disabled the Windows Media Player network Sharing Service, and that seemed to get rid of the default media server. try that and see if there is any change.

I assume you are using plain vanilla mp3’s or jpeg’s?

Thank for this suggestion.

I tried it, but there was no benefit.   As it happens, I have a mix of media files that also includes some FLAC files, some MP4 files and some MKV files, in addition to the mp3s and jpegs.

Further investigation suggests that there is some incompatibility between Denon DVRs and Serviio, at least others have reported similar problems.  Serviio has the capability of defining specific device profiles, so I will try some of the alternatives and see if any solve the problem. 

This doesnt fully explain why my standard WSS 2008 cannot stream to the AVR.

I will report back if I succeed.

Some mp4 files may be encoded with iDevice-specific features, and some matroska files may be encoded with more obscure data formats, or for blu-ray playback. Some of these types of files may not play at all, although some issues may be alleviated by searching for and then installing additional codec packs on your storage server.

It looks like there is some kind of incompatibiility between the Serviio media server and Denon AVRs.  There is a string of similar complaints from others who have Denon AVRs commenting on this issue at the Serviio forums.  It does not look there is a solution to this.

This is compatible with my observation, because I can see and play all file types (mp4, flac, mp3, mkv) from my Sony PS3, which recognizes the Serviio server without problem, but my Denon DVR does not even see the Serviio server. (I know the Denon AVR is ok because it can play files from my old Windows Home Server which uses an ancient plug in streamer called PV Connect, including both flac and mp3 files.)

Is there a good media server plug in or software for WSS 2008 that I shoudl try instead of Serviio that can stream a variety of file types and is more widely compatible with players?