DX4000 fails during Factory re-install

Please can someone help. I am trying to do a factory reinstall to a 6TB DX4000 via a UBS image. The server goes into recovery mode started, the client PC moves on to say its connected to the server, Then select Factory reset and when next is pressed and your options confirmed the PC says its resetting the server, but this never happen and after a few minutes reports that it can not reset the server due to a network / connectively issue. its seams that the IP address of the server has change and the client PC can no longer see it.
Can any one tell me what the IP address will be during a system recovery? or is there any thing else I can do. The reason for the rebuild is the passwords for the server have been lost.
Many Thanks


I recommend you contact WD Support directly for assistance with this.

You have to have a dhcp server. If your client desktop has a static ip and no dhcp server it will fail. If you do not have a dhcp server you can set your client to use one, reboot and they may see each other but the pc will not do anything else

also make sure you have lights blinking on the back of the server where the cat5 cable is plugged in

Many Thanks,
Have got it all working now :grinning: