Dx4000 Dashboard is not working

Good Day,

I try to removed remote and update my DX4000 NAS and after i try to log-in on dashboard it is no longer functional…

I try to log-in to view my folders using network log-in and it is working…

I need your help…

Thanks a lot


Did you attempted some standard troubleshooting such as resetting or powercycling the unit?

I’m having the same problem…  I just relocated my DX4000 to another location/network and now I can access the server just fine, but when I try to run Dashboard, my computer acts like it  is going to start Dashboard, thinks about it for couple of minutes and then retuns to where I was with just Launchpad open.

As far as I know, I can’t safely shut the server down without doing so through dashboard and since I can’t open dashboard, well…I had to shut it down before I moved it and did it through dashboard from this same PC with no problem.  Also, I can’t seem to log in via Remote Desktop Connection.  It is saying I have the wrong user name and/or password which is not correct. I’m trying to go in to RDC to make sure the server is properly recognizing the UPS that it was working perfectly with prior to the move.

Any and all help on these two issues would be much appreciated.

It is not good to power these off.  You should be able to RDP to whatever IP the LCD shows.  Usename must be administrator.  I have no clue what your password is :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. Did you ever find a resolution to the problem. I’m posistive I have the correct useranme and password.

I am not sure I understand your problem. The title of this thread is can’t launch dashboard. You say you have the same problem. Then you say you have the correct username.

The dashboard does not ask for a username.

Might be best to start a new thread describing your issue?

This just started happening to mine.  I can see the folders like normal on the other computers but I cannot access the Web access or the dashboard.  It is like someone changed the computer that owns it.  What did you find out?

Remote to the desktop of the server and do a shutdown restart

When it reboots, remote back in and try to start the dashboard from the server