DX4000 - Connector issue - Cannot connect to server

Error from the tray icon is:  The Windows 2008 R2 essentials connector version that is installed on this computer is more recent than the server.  Contact the administrator to insure the server is up to date.

I have applied all latest MS updates to both server and workstation.  Workstation is Win 7 Ultimate x64

Anyone run into this before?

Removed update for the connector under uninstall programs->updates.

problem solved.

Was this client PC moved from a server that had the uEFI update/hotfix?


I’ve got this same issue. When I go to uninstall the “update” I think I’m actually uninstalling the program. Any ideas on this?

Win 7 64 bit ultimate machine as well. All windows updates installed (as far as I know).

A recent microsoft update to Win 7 (thanks, Microsoft) made SMB 2.0 the default for Win 7. I lost connectivity to my MyCloud device recently, even though it had been working for over a year.
Here’s a link to the real fix:

Note that after you take the action in the link you’ll need to stop/restart the 'Workstation" service on your PC to make it take effect.