DX4000 Backup Offline for new PC setup Window 10 Pro

Good Morning,

make sure the windows essentials services are started on the pc after all updates are applied and rebooted 3 times


            Good to hear from you, it has been awhile since I have had any issues. I found where you had told someone to check the services after an update, I did and had to start some of them. It appears to be working well.

On another note, last when we spoke (via email) someone was looking for a fan for their DX4000 unit, I have found one, through trial and error from DigiKey. I must have a G99 at the end of the number to insure it communicates with the system ( I.E. monitor) . If they are interested, let me know and I will send you all the specs and part#.


post it here so others can find it like you did the start services

I could not find the exact link to your fix as I did this morning, but it referred to making sure the windows services for the RPC calls and dependencies were started and set to automatic. You may have better luck finding your post.

silly goose, post the part number for the fan

Oh !!!


But I have attached a PDF with the Order and the numbering system.

DX4000 Cooling Fan.pdf (90.5 KB)

After further review this morning, I found the Net TCP Port Sharing Service was disabled, which was a dependency for Windows Server Service Provider Registry. I set it to automatic, rebooted and the system shows online. Services.pdf (391.6 KB)
I hope this will help.