DVR-MS network file playing problem

I bought the WDTV Live 4 and a half months ago so that I could play DVR-MS movies over the network from recordings from WIndows 7 media Centre and they were working.

Over the last week or so, things changed.

If I press PLAY on a movie (any movie at all), the screen blacks out.

if I press FAST FORWARD, I can see the movie (any movie at all) fast forward so I press play and it stops on a single frame.

if I press PLAY and then STOP and then PLAY again, the movie (any movie at all) starts to play and then freezes again.

if I play the movie off a LOCAL USB drive, the movie (any movie at all) play perfectly.

I have the WDTV Live connected through my router and an old network switch that **may** be the problem, don’t know.

I have tried older firmware and newer frmware, same issue.

Has anyone else had this problem?

(I do not have another network switch to try, nor cable long enough to go the the WDTV Live directo to test other ideas).

Managed to get a hold of two cable runs to totally bypass the network switch and plug the WD into the router directly. One is a run of CAT5, one is a run of CAT6. Both previously tested and working. Router is also still working fine, no change.

Same results as above post. Network playing of videos is the same, impossible. Looks like it’s back to the shop for me.

And I assume you did a reset of the Live (as well as unplug it from power for at least 15 minutes), correct?

You assume correctly. Do you think 8 hours of no power is enough?

Overnight is good.

While your symptoms aren’t exactly what we’d suspect, have you checked to make sure Windows Live ID assistant didn’t get installed on your machine?  That’s been known to stop network file playing.

Other than that I’m not sure what to tell you.

Not installed, never has been. All processes have been inspected in case the sneaky bugger came in behind my back. (I’ve heard they can do that) :):slight_smile:

Am organising with **bleep** Smith (the supplier) for a repair RMA as this isn’t normal.

All this trouble started a week ago, progressively worse, not instantly worse.

HAHA, that’s funny. The first part of the supplier’s name has been bleeped as a synonym for male genitalia. Hadn’t even thought of that.

Yeah, unfortunately the **bleep** filter hasn’t been changed (although I keep petitioning for it).

You know the name of the actor who played opposite Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins?  **bleep** Van **bleep**.

I should know him, very well. he was my favourite actor in “Diagnosis Murder” for many years.

Ahh, the good old days.

Richard Van WaterWall (ROFLMAO)