DVD VOB files not playing in WD live hub

Hi all,

I am facing problem playing the DVD .VOB files which I copy from my dvd to the WD live hub.

I copy the files from DVD to a USB drive and then transfer these files to LIVE hub through USB.

Something strange happening when i play it, the trailers in the DVD play fine…but when the player goes to the main menu of DVD, only audio comes up and no visuals.

I tried with so many other DVD’s, same thing.

The starting video plays…like motion picture release logo…thats it…actual movie is not playing for some reason.

I am not able to find the reason to it.

Am i copying the files in wrong way to the Live Hub?

VOB files *must* be placed in a folder named “VIDEO_TS”;  a separate VIDEO_TS per movie.

So, like:

Movie Name 


  \ – VIDEO_TS


        \ – Vob Files… 

Could be caused by encryption to.