DVD Folders on NAS

I have a minor issue with the way ripped DVD’s are displayed via my media library. 

My device scans my NAS shared folders perfectly, but when I use folder view to display the content, some movies are available to play directly via a shortcut, while a very few others are displayed as folders which when selected with the OK button display the sub-folder, VIDEO_TS, which when selected again with the OK button displays the direct play shortcut. 

Incidentally all will play perfectly if I use the play button from the top directory instead of the OK button. 

Of course this is not a big problem, but it’s slightly annoying as the content is not totally alphabetical, the folders being displayed first.

Does anyone know what would cause this please. As far as I can tell there is no fundamental difference in the movie rips which appear as a shortcut and those that appear in their raw folder structure.

I am using the latest firmware.


that’s because the way that the files are ripped… the media player is giving you both options to open the folder and to play the files

Try using a different software to rip the DVD.

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Many thanks, I suspected something like that. I’ll give it a go.

After much further investigation I’ve found the it’s not due to the ripping process, but something as simple as an apostrophe in the directory name. When the the SMP scans the share it cannot create a shortcut if the name contains one, but works fine if none are present.

Wierd, but it looks like either a minor bug in the SMP or with SQLite.

Interesting find.  I’ve got a number of files with apostrophes in the name, but no FOLDERS with apostrophes.

Files seem to work OK…

Yep, very strange, it only seems to be with directory names above the dvd VIDEO_TS directory. When I check the cas2 file the rip_source field is blank when apostrophes are present, but has the correct directory structure when none present. Seems to be an error when the results of the scan are parsed into the sql file.