DVD Collect over to WD TV Live Hub & My Book 2TB

Hello everyone, 

I hope that you are OK. Sorry to trouble to all.  I have networked in a TV Live Hub on the main TV and then a MY Book 2TB network drive in the box room, and then two WD TV Live units in the two bedrooms.  

I want to transfer all of my DVD’s over onto the Hard drives so that they can be watched via the network, and I can regain some room.  Could someone please tell me how the best way of of doing this is please and transferring making it easy to catalogue etc

So many thanks for your help in advance


Just convert all of your movies to iso files (in my case I use Nero), and copy all of them into a folder in your My Book, then from the media player access the shared folders in your network.

How do you get around the write protection on this? I have Nero 11