DVB-T IP live streaming to WD players?

Can the WD players view live DVB-T IP streams on a network?

I have a simple little DVB-T to IP streamer where I can set this up to pull out channels from a mux and transmit these on my network.

At the moment I view these on various computers using VLC so they can watch live TV but just wondering if I had a WD Live box if I could as well as using this to watch stuff stored on my NAS if I could also set it up to look at a particular IP address where the live DVB-T is transmitted.



As far as I know, is not possible. You can only play files from an external HDD or memory, NAS, or shared folders.


Bit of a pity that in my case the “WD Live” can’t actually do live. :dizzy_face:

Means I still need a separate box connected for access to my live DVB-T streams as well as the WD box.

I have the SAME problem.

Not able to Stream the movie that is playing on my laptop to the TV throught the WDLIVE.

I hope its a new option in a future firmware release.

So far the only (oldhacking trick )would be to find the .dll or file that contains the streaming live data and place that file in a WDlive folder and hope it would play.

But with the WDLIVE only recognizing certain filetypes , the .dll would be unrecognized.

You sound like you will find a solution .  email me if you do oldendays@hotmail.ca

The WDTV Live is a video streaming device not a computer. The WDTV Live only detects and plays the video stream through a dedicated digital video hardware chip built into the Sigma chip. The limitation with a digital video hardware chip is that the video must comply with the professional international digital video recording and playback standards.

The Sigma chip used in the WDTV Live is also used in set top, cable and satellite boxes. There are too many digital tuners on the market, too many hardware variables and considerable software overhead to detect a TV tuner, scan the channels and play the video. If you are interested Google and log into the satpimps forum; there is plenty of technical information on the site.

The simplest way to play a digital TV video stream through the WDTV Live, if your digital TV tuner software permits it, and if in the correct format for the WDTV Live to play the video stream is to time shift the video stream.  

Read the following post:

Unfortunately only for the WDTV Live.

It gives you an idea of what is involved.


In my case I have the tuning of the DVB-T TV multiplexes and picking the channels all sorted.

I have Ministreamer II devices that are simply little boxes with a DVB-T antenna input and an ethernet connection.

Once these are connected I simply scan the multiplexes and select the channels I want to stream live over the network.

After this I then have live DVB-T channels transmitted around the network that can be watched by using VLC on a PC or an IP receiver connected to a TV.

I was hoping that I could simply point the WD Live box to these IP streams rather than having to have a different IP receiver to do the job.