Duplicate music files on non iTunes music player

I have transferred all my music to the mycloud so that it is accessible by a music player app called Pure. 

So far so good. Except that almost without exception, after a while, this app begins to display duplicate entries for almost every track on every album even though when I look at what is on the mycloud, there is clearly only 1 of these tracks. And for a day or so, there are no duplicates at all.

I have contacted the support for the Pure application and have been assured that it is not in the wrong, and that it will only display what it would find on a NAS drive. 

Is there any chance that the mycloud is generating these duplicates? And if so, can it be persuaded not to? 

This duplicate issue also arises when I access the cloud through my PlayStation 3’s music option, so it is not just limited to the Pure app.