Duplicate movies

Hi folks. 

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere - I’ve had a read through other threads discussing this problem, but the solutions there haven’t worked for me. 

I’ve got 150 or so movies on an EX2 and when I view them on my WD TV (latest firmware), about 20 or so have got two entries. I have tried clearing the media library, moving the files to another disk and back (when I moved them off I was left with a ‘movie’ that wouldn’t play), reconnecting to the media library etc. 

Has anyone got any suggestions ? It’s just really annoying.



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Did these files originally come from a Mac? If so, Macs create “hidden” files, that are seen by PC computers. The player will see the hidden files and show two files named the same.

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Are you certain the movies are repeated within your WD My Cloud EX2? If they were copied manually but you also perform automatic backups when you may have some duplicate files.

Hi folks. Thanks for the suggestions. Turns out it was a problem with the EX2 not the WD TV. There were no duplicate files, but I rebuilt the media library on the EX2 and all ok now.