Duplicate movie titles

When I access my movies for playing through my X-box or my smart Blu-ray player all the movie title show up twice but when you view the files on the computer they only show up once(as it should be) Any thoughts on why they show up twice ? Thanks John

When you say “view files on teh computer”, i assume you mean you use Windows explorer to look at the contents of the share containing the movies.

Most likely, you a duplicate of the movies in some backup or safepoint share that is indexed by the Twonky Media Server.

Open the network explorer, and double click the NAS media player icon. This will take you fo the Twonky settings (or add :9000 to the IP address of your NAS). Under setup, see which directory path are indexed.

Under setup, see which directory path are indexed.

Not to sure what I’m looking for. When I go to setup I see

Server Name


Navigation Tree

If you could let me know what I might be looking for that might help.



I am having the same problem but on mac, showing duplicate movie titles on tv as well

I don’t recall the exact location from the top of my head, but add :9000 to the IP address of your NAS in your browser, you should get to the twonky server pages. Explore the different tabs on the left. ONe will allow you to clear you cache and restart your server.