Dual WD My Passport 2TB drives


  I purchased a second 2 TB My Passport drive to back up my primary one.  However, my computer will not access both drives at the same time.  Individually, they work just fine, but as soon as I plug a second one in, it won’t access it.  It doesn’t assign a drive letter to the second drive, and I can’t get into it.  I can, however, see the second drive (no drive letter assigned) on the “safely remove USB device” section.

  When I plug a second USB drive in (not WD brand) the system works properly.

Using Windows 7

This is a Windows issue this thread explains the fix http://community.wdc.com/t5/My-Passport-for-PC/Copy-files-from-one-drive-to-another/m-p/277504/highlight/false#M7587


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Thank you for the answer.  I can see both drives now in Windows Explorer - the only remaining issue is that, when I click on the safely disconnect USB button, both drives are there, but only 1 has a drive letter.