DTS-HD Master audio capability

So I have both the Xtreamer prodigy black and the WD TV live latest model. I have them both connected to my Denon AVR-3310CI. When I select bitstream through HDMI on the prodigy it will display as DTS-HD Master for my 1080p blurays with DTS-HD Master audio and the HD Audio light will come on. When i select digital passthrough via HDMI only on the WDTV playing the exact same files it will only show as DTS SUROUND and the HD Audio light does not display.

So I think there should be a full bitstream option available or at least a way for the DTS-HD Master audio to be used




etc etc…

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If you do have just the Live and not the Live Hub then you’re in the wrong forum.

Just FYI, the WDTV and most of the other more popular first-party big brand media players can’t stream DTS-HD due to some licensing issues. The Live Hub can bitstream Dolby TrueHD through HDMI but not DTS-HD. Instead, it will just pass through the DTS core file. There isn’t really anything we can do about that because these licensing issues take ages to get resolved, if they even are a priority for the company. It’s the more obscure third-party type of media players that can stream DTS-HD and all other lossless bluray audio formats because they aren’t officially licensed so they just kind of adopted the ability to play that back under the table.