DTS and AAC audio not working

After the latest firmware update (1.04.17) the multichannel DTS and AAC audio for many of my movie files (MP4, MKV) stopped working.

Contacted technical support and it suggested two solutions:

– Roll back firmware: – although easy to do but wont be able to use USB keyboard now :(:frowning:

– ReEncode files to 2 channel output: – very time consuming and a lot of files to convert …

Did anyone else have the same problem ??

Can anyone suggest some other solution ??

I hate to say it…but rolling back the firmware is probably the easiest to do. Losing use of the USB keyboard until the next firmware release may be a good trade-off if everything else will then work correctly.

Well, i agree …

but i dont think waiting for next firmware will solve anything as this problem was not there before and has been caused by firmware update.

if you check the older media compatibility then it just says that DTS and AAC supported …

but after the firmware update it says DTS and AAC supported for only 2 channel output …

I guess I just assumed that WD would fix this in a future firmware. It never occurred to me that they would deliberately give their customers grief by not supporting something that was previously supported.

Found the solution, atleast it worked for all my files having multichannel DTS and AAC audio (and there are hundreds of them).

– Solution 1: (if you have a home theatre system) … then let it do the audio decoding as it has got noo problem with multichannel audio … lol …

Solution 2:

Change the audio output settings in WD TV Live from ‘Digital’ to ‘Stereo’… this will ‘force’ the WD TV Decoder to see multichannel output as 2 channel (i.e. stereo) … please keep in mind that the audio is still digital …

Cheers :):slight_smile:

Yes, a similar problem, although I did have the problem before.

Sometimes I could not get sound with film especially DTS and AAC and on other occasions I would be told format not supported.

Having spent hours and hours checking my TV, Media Player, HDMI cables, sound system etc I threw my dummy out of the pram and re-set the Media player to Factory Settings and hey presto everything back good as new.

Hope this helps, are WD liable for suicides?


i have same problems… most of DTS no sound, but some, it can… (such as Sony Bravia 1080 Demo video)

but one that i notice is, if we change audio output setting into Stereo, it change output HDMI DTS into only Stereo…

i can only set mode into Dolby Prologic II in my HomeTheater to make sound like DTS :frowning:

haven’t try connect with optical audio output yet…

sort of surprised 1.04.22 didn’t  re-enable AAC.

Wondering what firmware version I should go back to for AAC to work and where to find it (can only find the lastest ver in the download section at support.wdc.com).