DS6100 Power Supply (Brick)

Anyone know where a new/used power brick can be had for a DS6100?

ebay has them every now and then though all I see today is for the DX and not enough amps

found these links but no idea


I ordered a pair of these and though it took an extra day for the company to acknowledge the order, they were reasonably priced and came quickly. When they arrived, I checked the specs and they do match the outputs and configuration.

However, the plugs are not right angle and the barrel connector is just a tad too long (leaving a small section of the connector exposed).


Do you still have that DS6100 model ? I really want to buy one DS6100 for my research project. Please reply to me if you want to sell that product.


I do (though I’d need to wipe my info off it). Do you still need?