DS6100 - OS AV drive replacement with WD 2.5" Red NAS drive?

After a drive failure of the 2.5" boot AV drives in a DS6100 I am thinking of using WD Red WD7500BFCX NAS drive which is a 2.5" 750GB NAS harddrive. The reason I was thinking of using this over the standard AV 2.5" OS drive is NAS drives generally have really good error monitoring firmware. If I put one of these drives in will the server freakout and not do a RAID rebuild as it is not on the supported hardware whitelist? Will adding the WD Red NAS drive to the supported hardware whitelist XML in the program files folder fix the issue of RAID rebuilding to it? I have also considered enterprise level SSDs but don’t know if the RAID drivers will work with them.

I wanted to so see if anyone has tired doing a RAID rebuild to OS drives not on the supported drive whitelist before.

I added a black drive as my second and it would not build it. The OS RAID is automatic so when I removed it, it shows a broken raid to this day.
That said, I did not think about the whitelist, so I do not know if that would have “corrected” it