DS6100 HD Replacement

What am I missing, on the ds4100 and server 2008, when replacing a hd, it would automatically start a rebuild, that does not appear to be the case with the ds6100 and server 2012. Please let me know what I am missing???


I do not have one running now, but I think on that one you had an option to use wd raid or windows storage spaces from the getgo

perhaps you selected storage spaces?

Looking into it, they are setup as raid, the unit was my sons and he gave it to me when he had issues with it, I corrected the issues with server 2012, loaded essentials and it has been good until I noticed it stated storage was degraded and drive 3 was red. I don’t know if I have to preformat the drive and then somehow tell it to rebuild??
Any and all help is greatly appreciated,

If you look at that pic there somewhere there is some kind of raidcfg.exe

actually that pic is a couple of pages deeper in the manual

if you could find the wd manual itself would help

As always thank you, I found the manual online and saved it. It stated to just install the new drive and it will rebuild the raid system with the new drive. I was trying to do it with other drive I have but I am guessing it is not in the whitelist. I have since ordered (2) one spare of the correct drives.

Thanks Again,

By the way, I have (3) working ds4000 units if you heard of anyone who needs parts, I will keep the drives .



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